Promoting Sustainability Through Our Values

Lundin seeks to create enduring relationships and meaningful shared value with our local communities and stakeholders through our Values of Safety, Respect, Integrity and Excellence. Creating meaningful partnerships which benefit local communities, supporting local job creation, diversification, and promoting quality education are important factors which contribute to sustainable development and are part of Lundin Mining’s Social Performance agenda. Chapada has made these areas a priority.

Fast Facts


    Over $813,000  invested in 2020 community initiatives


    Supporting Alto Horizonte's construction of a bypass to divert heavy traffic outside the town


    Initiated through a workshop with local stakeholders to help address high dependency on mining

  • Chapada workers hired from local area and in-country:

  • Local/in-country procurement of goods and services (59% local, 37% national) :



Creating Relationships through Community Engagement 

Commitment to our core Values guides all aspects of Lundin Mining’s business, including community relations and social performance. Our role as a good corporate citizen is central to how we do business and vital to the long-term economic success and sustainability of our operations. Community perception surveys are conducted in partnership with Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (SCIRO) to ensure our efforts are effective and impactful.


Strategic Initiatives

COVID-19 Pandemic Support

Chapada developed and implemented its five-year social performance plan in 2020. Support was provided to public health and infrastructure during the pandemic. A mechanical respirator, digital x-ray machine and cardiac monitor were purchased for the community with additional donations to be made in 2021. Long Lasting Benefits agreements were made with municipalities including donations of services, equipment and goods, which will support health and education infrastructure.


Social Performance

Chapada consistently monitors community perceptions, social acceptance and trust using the Social License to Operate Index (SLO Index) methodology. Survey results show a high level of acceptance of Chapada mine, with room to improve through enhancement of social performance plans and plan implementation (e.g. by improving relations with rural areas). The 2020 survey included questions on the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact and the Company’s repsonse. Results indicate that participants believe Chapada is committed to protecting the health and well-being of community members.

Rural Development Program

Chapada’s Rural Development Program promotes benefit-sharing with farmers and ranchers in the surrounding area. Nearly 50 property owners have been identified through land use information and existing relationships. Chapada provides an annual in-kind donation per property, sponsoring initiatives to increase water availability or to support farming and ranching. 

Supporting Local Entrepreneurs

Launched in October 2019, Chapada donated materials, equipment and utensils to a local snack factory of the Association of Entrepreneurial Women of Nova Iguaçu de Goiás. The snack factory services the local market distributing five types of snacks. Entrepreneurs receive guidance on opening and maintaining their business, and participating in a food preparation course. The association began in the local municipality of Nova Iguaçu and intends to expand into neighbouring cities.

Investing in Community Literacy

Chapada invested in children’s education by creating two reading corners in Alto Horizonte and Nova Iguaçu de Goiás at local elementary schools in 2019. Each reading corner includes 1,200 books and materials aimed at encouraging elementary and pre-school children to connect with literature and knowledge. The project was implemented by Rede Educare in partnership with the municipalities and Lundin Mining.

Supporting Good Health and Well Being

Through the Partnership Seminar, Chapada donated a new dental chair to the Santa Rosa Health Center, of the Nova Iguaçu de Goiás City Hall. To modernize the facility and improve dental care, the municipality install additional equipment and furniture. The Health Secretariat and the City Hall are renovating a second room with their own resources to contribute to healthy living and well-being for the community.

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