Leadership Team

Peter Rockandel
Peter Rockandel President, CEO and Director

Jinhee Magie
Jinhee Magie Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Hastings
Andrew Hastings Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Jean-Claude (JC) Lalumiere
Jean-Claude (JC) Lalumiere Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Mikael Schauman
Mikael Schauman Senior Vice President, Commercial

Ciara Talbot
Ciara Talbot Vice President, Exploration

Annie Laurenson
Annie Laurenson Corporate Secretary

Jim French
Jim French Vice President, Health, Safety & Risk

Kristen Mariuzza
Kristen Mariuzza Vice President, Environment & Social Performance

Kirby Oakes
Kirby Oakes Vice President, Finance

Brian Seamone
Brian Seamone Vice President, Commercial

Quinn Yong
Quinn Yong Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategy