Leadership Team

Paul K. Conibear
Paul K. Conibear President, CEO & Director

Marie Inkster
Marie Inkster Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson Chief Operating Officer

Nicholas J. Hayduk
Nicholas J. Hayduk Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer

Paul McRae
Paul McRae Senior Vice President, Projects

Steve Gatley
Steve Gatley Vice President, Technical Services

Jean-Claude (JC) Lalumiere
Jean-Claude (JC) Lalumiere Vice President, Human Resources

Jinhee Magie
Jinhee Magie Vice President, Finance

Derek Riehm
Derek Riehm Vice President, Environment

Mikael Schauman
Mikael Schauman Vice President, Marketing

Ciara Talbot
Ciara Talbot Vice President, Exploration

Annie Laurenson
Annie Laurenson Corporate Secretary

Lundin Mining Corporation

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