Catalyst for Sustainable Development

Our goal is to be a catalyst for sustainable development. Given that we operate in diverse socioeconomic landscapes, our local teams are skilled at identifying the priority areas of focus for investments that are most impactful for our host communities. The most meaningful investment outcomes are achieved when our teams engage with stakeholders to identify impacts, risks and needs that are specific to these communities and align partnership opportunities with our funding priorities. Candelaria is working with local stakeholders to  improve dialogue and build meaningful partnerships.

Fast Facts


    Over $8.3M invested in 2018 community initiatives in the Atacama Region


    Received 50 social innovation ideas and help finance five pilot ideas


    Connected over 5,000 users, improved the literacy of 130 people and brought 50 businesses online

  • Candelaria workers from the Atacama Region

  • In-country procurement of goods and services (12% local procurement)



Incubating Innovation

Every successful organization starts with an idea. As part of our commitment to social performance, we look for opportunities to nurture those ideas and the people who dream them. At Candelaria we established Inventa Comunidad, a community based innovation program to develop solutions to pressing environment and social issues, particularly in the communities of Tierra Amarilla, Copiapó and Caldera. Entrepreneurs with strong potential receive preliminary financing, training and technical assistance to develop their business idea. The program is financed by Lundin Foundation and implemented by Chrysalis, business Incubator of the Pontificia Universidad de Valparaiso of Chile.

To date, Inventa has trained more than 535 people and incubated 13 environmental and social innovations. The third round of Inventa will support twice the number of innovations (30), provide later-stage business support to existing entrepreneurs, and focus innovations on specific environmental issues.

Strategic Initiatives

Beca Minera Candelaria

Beca Minera Candelaria is a scholarship program focused on breaking down barriers to higher education, particularly from the communities that surround our mine. A total of 76 students (55% female) from the University of Atacama were selected and received the scholarship to continue their studies. This is the first time that the Program of Accompaniment and Effective Access to Higher Education (PACE) has partnered with a private company, making this historic for both Candelaria, Chile and the progress for pursuit of higher education.

Free Wi-Fi Zone

Over the past ten years, hundreds of residents in Tierra Amarilla have been connected to the free Wi-Fi network provided by Candelaria. Residents connect with family, friends, job opportunities, online courses and content to help enhance their way of life.

In the span of the past ten years, the Wi-Fi network covers close to 80% of the urban area of Tierra Amarilla with 25 antennas, tracking more than 600 connections per day.

Restoring Heritage Homes in Tierra Amarilla

In 2018, Candelaria in partnership with ProCultura Foundation and the Municipality of Tierra Amarilla, restored the facades of 30 heritage homes for historical preservation. The homes on Avenida Miguel Lemeur are a set of continuous one-story building, made of adobe and quincha. These buildings have survived many generations and weathered natural disasters, making their presence a key part of the community’s identity. This project helped elevate the importance of architectural preservation restoring a visual vibrancy in the area that reflects this vibrant community.

Sustainable Fishing in Caldera

With a three-year commitment, Candelaria through the Lundin Foundation will be supporting the Punta Frodden Seafood Processing Plant and the local fishermen in Caldera to enhance productivity, quality standards and sustainable practices. The plant will be renovated to qualify for PAC quality-assurance certification so that local fisherman will be able to sell their catch directly to exporter or national markets, increasing revenues for their small business. Training will be provided in partnership with Geomar, a Chilean company specializing in seafood exports focusing on sustainable marine resource management.

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