Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management

Lundin Mining is committed to the implementation of the GISTM, which is the first global standard on tailings management.

Briefing workshops and information sessions were completed throughout 2021. The RMMS Tailings Management Standard was recently updated, and the existing Responsible Mining Policy will be updated to align with the GISTM requirements in early 2022.

Formal external gap analyses started in June 2021. Corporate and operation-level implementation action plans will be developed in 2022 for all tailings facilities based on the results of the gap analyses.

Lundin Mining plans for tailings facilities that are classified as having ‘Extreme’ or ‘Very high’ potential consequences of failure, as defined by the Standard, to be in conformance with the GISTM within three years of August 5, 2020, and all other facilities within five years.


Humboldt Tailings Facility at Eagle in USA