Responsible Recruitment

It is a priority at Lundin Mining to practice responsible recruitment by hiring our workforce regionally and locally to ensure the economic benefit of employment remains within our host communities. By operating in developed regions, we are able to source highly-qualified and highly-skilled candidates who are familiar with the language, culture and best practices. In 2020, our employees were predominantly citizens of our host countries, with expatriates accounting for less than one percent of our workforce across our operations.

Contractors and suppliers are expected to have practices in place that support and parallel Lundin Mining policies and standards and, in this regard, we ask that our contractors and suppliers also adhere to a similar standard with respect to the prioritization of local hiring.

Fast Facts


    Over $270,000 directly invested in 2020


    to "How is the mine doing regarding its social responsibility?" in 2017 community survey

  • +3,000 VISITORS

    drawn to local mine-related tourism each year 

  • Zinkgruvan workers hired from local area and in-country

  • Zinkgruvan's local procurement of goods and services


Tailored Approach

We operate in different countries, each with unique and diverse cultures, languages, landscapes and levels of economic development. Adapting to the differing needs guides our approach to social performance. At Zinkgruvan, the mine is a significant contributor to the local economy. Being able to hire and procure locally ensure economic benefit remains in regional and local communities. We are committed to working closely with our host communities to launch self-sustaining programs and initiatives that support local entrepreneurship, economic growth initiatives not exclusively related to our mine, and initiatives which enhance the quality of life for those in the area.

Strategic Initiatives

Nurturing Future Generations

Zinkgruvan has been encouraging interest in engineering among youth through sponsorship of KomTek, a local technology and entrepreneurship academy in Örebro, and the establishment of technical scholarships for secondary school students. KomTek stimulates children’s creativity and works to break down traditional gender roles. The goal is to increase female interest in technology and a future in technical roles. Each year since inception in 2015, five students have been awarded a Lundin Mining Technical Scholarship. Several of these students have later joined the Zinkgruvan team. In 2019, Zinkgruvan’s Head of Surface Maintenance spoke to attendees about her role and career. Responsible for about 60 employees, she is an inspiration and role model for future female leaders.

Educating on the Importance of Mining

Zinkgruvan has partnered with Den Svenska Gruvan (The Swedish Mine) to provide education to those outside the mining Community about Sweden’s oldest industry. The intent is to convey the importance of mining, metals and minerals, without which our modern lives would not be possible. The campaign commenced in spring 2021 in the country’s three largest cities, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, but also in cities near the country’s mines. Zinkgruvan provided a digital campaign in Örebro which was also seen locally in Askersund. The program is funded by Zinkgruvan Mining, Boliden, LKAB, ABB, Epiroc and Sandvik.

Askersund Lakeside Pride

For the fourth consecutive year, together with Askersund Municipality, Zinkgruvan co-hosted the Annual Askersund Lakeside Pride festival during October 2021. Aligned with Lundin Mining’s Mission and Values, the festival encouraged inclusion, collaboration and open dialogue between the community and the mine. Various companies and associations participated and speakers included Mayor Marie Hillman and Zinkgruvan’s Managing Director, Staffan Sandstrom.



Re:think Program – Fostering Innovation

Zinkgruvan developed its Re:think program in 2019 in collaboration with the Alfred Nobel Science Park and the Örebro Greenhouse. Managed by Lundin Foundation, the program supports entrepreneurs in and around Askersund municipality in developing innovations for the benefit of the region’s long-term economic and social goals in the areas of food, digitization, IT, logistics and manufacturing. The focus in 2020 was on recovery from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ten entrepreneurs received individual coaching and training, resulting in the launch of two new businesses, the transition of three businesses to new markets, and two collaborations between program businesses to leverage new market opportunities.

Promoting Community Living & Local Culture

Knowing how to swim is a vital skill that can save lives. Since 2014, Zinkgruvan has sponsored the municipal summer swim school for children and youth in the community in partnership with Askersund Municipality. The program is in line with Zinkgruvan’s core value of safety, which permeates all aspects of mine life. Thanks to this effort, hundreds of children have been able to attend free swimming classes each year.

By providing long-term support to the performing arts at the Sjöängen Centre for Culture and Education, we help maintain a wide variety of cultural activities in Askersund Municipality.

Supporting a Local Women's Shelter

To address the increased need during the COVID-19 pandemic, Zinkgruvan supported a call centre helpline at Kvinnohuset in Örebro. The centre provides trained counselors and a refuge for women experiencing domestic violence and their children.

Zinkgruvan also provided a financial donation which was used to build a storage unit, painted in the same colors as the main building, to house items such as toys and emergency clothing.

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